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Feeling Great Thx To CBD!

I’ll admit – I was skeptical at first. I’d read a lot of things about CBD and how its so great… I wasn’t convinced but I was intrigued! I decided to place an order and to be honest – was pleasantly supplied with the results. I began taking the Premium CBD Oil twice daily and by day 2 I was already feeling the benefits quite noticeably! By day 5 I was hooked!  I missed day 6 and could actually tell I missed it. I didn’t feel as “up-beat” and my anxiety was returning.

I’m a believer thanks to Nirvalla! They have the best, most pure CBD! I’ve tried other brands and they just taste and feel dirty compared to Nirvalla.  Nirvalla is the only brand I’ll order!

Nichole W.
Park City, Utah

Pain & Inflammation is… DOWN!

I had heard of CBD before. I had even tried a few other brands before trying Nirvalla.  The other brands just didn’t do much. I saw an ad for Nirvalla and decided to give CBD one last try.  It worked!! I ordered the pain cream as well as the oil. The pain cream worked right away, easing the soreness in my lower back. The oil, as expected, was working its magic within just a few days!  My chronic, wide-spread pain was dulled, my mood was lifted and I just felt… Good.

It was an amazing feeling to finally feel “Good” again.  Don’t get me wrong – I was still in pain, but the CBD had dulled it. It had made it managable.  Something my pain meds don’t seem to do anymore – or if they do not for very long.  CBD, specifically Nirvalla CBD has helped bring back a quality of life I thought was long gone!

Thank you Nirvalla! You have a customer for life!

George F.
Madison, Wisconsin


OMG. SERIOUSLY NO JOKE! You guys are amazing! Your product is AMAZING!  I’ve always suffered from horrible anxiety, it often times caused me to break plans or not go out in the first place. Xanax has helped but I’ve been looking for something more natural – the Xanax just seems too chemically and from the research i’ve done seems like its not very good for me in the long term.

After reviewing tons of CBD products and brands and trying a bunch – Nirvalla is HANDS DOWN THE BEST! I’ve tried over 10 different CBD brands and by far Nirvalla is the best.  You can tell instantly that its a pure, high-quality product. I suggest CBD to almost everyone I meet because of how its helped me and its wide range of benefits for everyone – then I tell them to buy Nirvalla CBD because its the best. Period.  I swear some of them must think I’m a sales women for you guys! haha!  Thanks and keep up the great work!

Jesse T
Austin, Texas

Love The Pain Cream

I’ve been ordering the pain cream for a few months now. I love it. It works amazingly!

Alex R
New York, New York


I’ve been giving my little fur-baby CBD for the last few months and the difference I see in him is amazing! He’s acting like a little puppy again! I absolutely love it as I’m sure he does too!  I’ve been using Paws & Claws Dog Treats and the Paws & Claws CBD Oil and they are working fantastically!

Snoopy has so much more energy and such a healthier appetite its wonderful!

Randy & Snoopy
Las Vegas, Nevada

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